Current Exhibit



September 10-November, 2021

The Lloyd Library announces, Flourish, an exhibition of the work of their 2020 artist-in-residence, Melissa Haviland. Drawn to the Lloyd's collections of early travel books and botanical illustrations, Haviland used them to create more than 200 screen prints on handmade linen paper. In the Lloyd's Main Reading Room, visitors can view the original works that inspired Haviland's creations.

Each piece in Haviland's installation emulates Royal Copenhagen's famous china pattern, Flora Danica, inspired by a book with the same name. Issued between 1761 and 1883, the book took 123 years and thirteen editors to complete. Haviland explores the connection between the many artists involved creating the china and the book, including the papermakers and bookbinders. Departing from romanticized botanical illustrations of flowers, she depicts fifteen cash crops that served as an impetus for European exploration and colonialism, as she incorporates them into handmade wallpaper that provides a backdrop to her screen prints.

Stepping into Flourish brings together the worlds of the wealthy and realities of the people and economies that created treasured objects. This exhilarating mix of handmade paper, prints, watercolors, pen drawings, and rare books provides a riveting re-interpretation of what we consider botanical art.




Permanent Exhibit

The George Rieveschl, Jr. History of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Exhibit

The George Rieveschl, Jr. History of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Exhibit features a patented Lloyd Cold Still (at right) built in Cincinnati and used at the University of Michigan and at AYSL Corp; significant components of the Soxhlet extractor used by Drs. Monroe Wall and Mansukh Wani to isolate the anti-cancer drug Taxol® at Research Triangle Institute in North Carolina; and culminates with a look at the anti-allergen drug, Benadryl® and its creator, local Cincinnati scientist and philanthropist, George Rieveschl, Jr.

This exhibit made possible through the generous support of:  The George Rieveschl, Jr. Book Fund; American Chemical Society-Cincinnati Chapter;  American Society of Pharmacognosy Foundation; Elizabeth Wakeman Henderson Foundation; AYSL Corporation; Research Triangle Institute;  LLM’s Friends and Donors; Anonymous; Camden Foundation; In Memory of the Grabowski Family; Brian Hanson; and Benet’s Pharmacy.