Current Exhibit

Phar’-ma-cog-no-sy Illustrated: A History of Natural Pharmaceuticals takes you on a journey through the world of natural pharmaceuticals, displaying artifacts, archives, and equipment utilized in manufacturing. The exhibition features modern medical illustrations, vintage botanical art and specimens of medicinal plants.  The Lloyd’s founders were integral players in the pharmacognosy movement, formulating natural drugs from the late 1800s through the early 20th century.

Experience the depth of the Lloyd Library's pharmacognosy collection, July 20 through September 21.

Permanent Exhibit

The George Rieveschl, Jr. History of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Exhibit

The George Rieveschl, Jr. History of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Exhibit features a patented Lloyd Cold Still (at right) built in Cincinnati and used at the University of Michigan and at AYSL Corp; significant components of the Soxhlet extractor used by Drs. Monroe Wall and Mansukh Wani to isolate the anti-cancer drug Taxol® at Research Triangle Institute in North Carolina; and culminates with a look at the anti-allergen drug, Benadryl® and its creator, local Cincinnati scientist and philanthropist, George Rieveschl, Jr.

This exhibit made possible through the generous support of:  The George Rieveschl, Jr. Book Fund; American Chemical Society-Cincinnati Chapter;  American Society of Pharmacognosy Foundation; Elizabeth Wakeman Henderson Foundation; AYSL Corporation; Research Triangle Institute;  LLM’s Friends and Donors; Anonymous; Camden Foundation; In Memory of the Grabowski Family; Brian Hanson; and Benet’s Pharmacy.