Books and Serials

The Lloyd’s monographs collection of nearly 60,000 books includes works published from 1493 to the present. Highlights include floras and pharmacopeias from all over the world, early works on eclectic and botanic medicine, and current titles about natural products, herbalism, native plants, and the history of medicine.

The Lloyd holds over 4,000 serial titles, including around 120 current subscriptions. Eclectic medicine, alternative medicine, and the publications of the American Pharmacists’ Association (formerly American Pharmaceutical Association) are strongly represented in the collection. The Lloyd also has a complete run of Lloydia/Journal of Natural Products, The United States Pharmacopeia, Curtis’s Botanical Magazine, and the Eclectic Medical Journal, published in Cincinnati.

Rare Books


The Lloyd’s Rare Book Collection is primarily comprised of books published prior to 1830. Curtis Gates Lloyd, a founder of the Library, traveled frequently to Europe to purchase books to support his research interests and those of his brother, John Uri Lloyd. By 1893 the Library had a core collection of botanical texts, including dozens of works by Carl Linnaeus, dating back to 1737. Important early American titles include A Flora of North America (1820-1823) by William P.C. Barton and Medical Flora, or, Manual of the Medical Botany of the United States of North America (1828-1830) by C.S. Rafinesque. The collection grew with the addition of herbals, pharmacopeias, medical texts and beautifully illustrated floras and travel books, including works by Mark Catesby, Maria Sibylla Merian, and John Sibthorp.

Reference Collection


The Lloyd Library’s reference collection is housed in the Reading Room and contains over 600 volumes of current literature. A browsing section of current issues of journals are also on display.