Strategic Plan

The mission of the Lloyd Library and Museum is to advocate for education in plant-based science, medicine, conservation, art and history.  We provide resources to engage visitors and researchers from the community and around the globe.


Goal 1: Expand, Retain and Diversify Clientele    


  • Increase visits to the library for researchers, events and exhibit viewing
  • Recognize and retain a dedicated Lloyd audience
  • Develop strategies to diversify Lloyd participation

Goal 2: Develop Collections that Meet the Needs of Current and Future Users


  • Increase collection use by scholars, organizations and the community at large
  • Make Lloyd Library resources available digitally at no charge

 Goal 3: Develop Services and Facilities that Meet the Changing Needs of Researchers and Visitors


  • Respond to changing trends in library service
  • Upgrade facilities to meet current and future technology demands


Goal 1: Serve as a National and Global Hub for Scholars and Researchers


  • Expand collaborations with national and international botanical libraries
  • Connect academic and research communities to historic and current scholarship on botany, natural medicine and the environment
  • Connect Lloyd Library digital resources to the global biodiversity community

Goal 2: Engage the Greater Cincinnati Community


  • Attract Greater Cincinnati residents through programs and exhibitions of local relevance
  • Increase Lloyd Library visibility through branding and multiple media platforms
  • Improve the curb appeal and visibility of the Lloyd facility

Goal 3: Engage Interest Groups around Content Specific Topics


  • Identify and develop programming and resources for content specific audiences related to our mission
  • Involve Lloyd participants and supporters through the Friends of the Lloyd Library membership program


Goal 1: Preserve our Strong Collections


  • Upgrade the fire notification system
  • Preserve and protect rare works

Goal 2: Restructure Operational and Financial Practices


  • Streamline and consolidate our foundational support
  • Implement administrative best practices
  • Develop new sources of revenue

 Goal 3: Attract, Retain and Grow a High-Quality Team Positioned for the Future


  • Offer competitive salaries and professional growth opportunities
  • Develop a team of volunteers, interns and contract workers to maintain and accelerate library goals
  • Foster a work environment that encourages productivity, comfort and health


Goal 1: Bring Broader Awareness, Unique Perspectives and Dialog on Issues related to our Mission


  • Expand reach and frequency of Lloyd publications
  • Use technology to bring programming to remote audiences
  • Provide education on topics not readily available elsewhere

Goal 2: Bring Lloyd Collections to Life, Informing Contemporary Issues


  • Demonstrate the relevance of the Lloyd collections to issues of today
  • Partner with organizations who share a mission to improve quality of life
  • Foster creative expression of the arts, building an intersection between Lloyd collections and contemporary issues

Goal 3: Expand the Lloyd Library’s Active Engagement in Research, Teaching and Learning


  • Promote research by awarding Lloyd Library based fellowships
  • Partner with educational and research institutions as a curriculum resource
  • Mentor student through an interdisciplinary approach to Lloyd Resources