Mission, Vision and Values



The mission of the Lloyd Library and Museum is to advocate for education in plant-based science, medicine, conservation, art and history.  We provide resources to engage visitors and researchers from the community and around the globe.


The Lloyd aspires to serve with excellence, to make a meaningful difference and to become a place of destination.

  • Serve with Excellence
    Our actions will be based on the highest levels of quality, integrity and professionalism.  We will provide resources, events and activities that appeal to a broad range of people.  We will be responsive to all levels of knowledge, meeting guests where they are and if they desire, help move them along a continuum toward more knowledge.
  • Create an Impact
    We will strive to make our work relevant and impactful—from the local community to the world.  We will bring excitement about plants and encourage plant conservation among our visitors.
  • Become a Place of Destination
    Our unique collections deserve to be more widely known and enjoyed.  We will become a “must-visit” destination for artists, historians and scholars interested in the science, art and history of plants.  We will offer year-round programming that appeals to a wide variety of individuals and groups of all ages and interests.


  • Distinction
    Our levels of excellence will set us apart.  We will be memorable.  We will provide a first-tier experience that exceeds expectations.  We will have visibility, be well-known locally and around the world.  We will be considered a ‘destination.’ Our reputation will be outstanding.
  • Accessible
    Our resources will be widely available and accessible.  We will provide access points to our materials through cataloging and descriptive aids, utilizing current and emerging technology.  Our library and exhibitions will be open to the public at convenient hours.  Our team will be quick to respond to queries.
  • Stewardship
    In all areas—from the way we manage our collections to the way we interact with our constituents—we act with care.  We promise to use the highest professional standards in maintaining and preserving our collections, and in our operations and structures.  We work with partners to promote conservation and preservation of history and natural resources.  We value our donors and offer recognition in meaningful ways.  Our resources will be used wisely to sustain the operation and its collections, to optimize the number of people who find value at The Lloyd, and to remain relevant and responsive.
  • Collaboration
    We believe the world is improved when people, professionals and communities engage in collaboration.  We expect to learn and grow with our visitors and researchers.  We look beyond our walls to see how our resources and staff can support the broader efforts of our profession, our city and around the globe.  We seek the wisdom of others, encouraging the voice of diverse stakeholders in deciding our programs, services and exhibits.
  • Mutual Respect
    We respect all people at all levels—from visitors and researchers to staff and collaborators to our peers around the globe.  We treat youth visitors with the same level of professionalism and kindness used to engage scholars.  We welcome the use of our resources for free expression of ideas and study.  We honor the heritage, evolving the founders’ vision to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.  We respect this earth and hope our work will foster its conservation.
  • Transparency
    Our leaders and staff will act with integrity.  Our organization will act in visible, predictable and understandable ways.  Our processes and procedures will be clear.