Photograph of mushrooms
Collage including photograph of the three Lloyd brothers, medicine bottles, a bee, mushrooms, trees and a human heart
Collage of nursery catalogs from 1897-1930
Bringing Science, Art and History to Life
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Welcome to the Lloyd

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The Lloyd Library and Museum is a world renowned independent research library and exhibit space devoted to bringing science, art and history to life.

Considered one of Cincinnati’s treasures, the Lloyd Library and Museum was established by three brothers, John Uri, Nelson Ashley, and Curtis Gates Lloyd, pharmacists who manufactured botanical drugs in Cincinnati beginning in the late 19th century. The Library holds, acquires, preserves, and provides access to both historic and current books and journals, as well as archival materials, on a wide variety of disciplines, including:

  • botany
  • pharmacy
  • natural history
  • medicine
  • scientific history
  • visual arts

The Lloyd Library and Museum is a privately funded not-for-profit institution, open to the public and free of charge.