Between the Leaves

Between the Leaves is a monthly podcast series that unearths and illuminates the stories of nature, science, culture and history that spring from the Lloyd collections and brings them to life. From the middle of a forest in eastern Ohio to living rooms and patios of local experts, Between the Leaves takes listeners on unexpected journeys as they explore highlights from the Library’s eclectic collections and related topics. Funding for the launch of the podcast and the inaugural episodes comes from a FotoFocus Emergency Art Grant.

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Episode 3: Nature’s Prescriptive Powers Take Root: Interview with Dominique Peebles

September 2020

Brick Gardens founder and social enterprise entrepreneur Dominque Peebles shares the story of his journey from a corporate job to life as a community garden guru. His approach to growing food as good medicine extends beyond physical health to encompass healthy ways of thinking about, and connecting with, neighbors.

Episode 2:  Cincinnati’s Micro-Bug Master Artist: Interview with DeVere Burt

August 2020

Naturalist and artist, DeVere Burt shares the story of Annette Braun, the first woman to earn a PhD at the University of Cincinnati and an impeccable artist whose fascination with tiny moths led to the discovery of hundreds of new species.

Episode 1: Forgotten Citizen Scientists of Cincinnati: Interview with Hardy Eshbaugh

July 2020

Miami University Emeritus Professor Hardy Eshbaugh shares their stories and marvels at their continued impact, including through Mary Elizabeth Brockschlager’s collection at the Lloyd Library and Museum.