Library Reading Room

The Lloyd Library and Museum is a world renowned independent research library and exhibit space devoted to bringing science, art and history to life.

Mission Statement The Lloyd Library and Museum advocates for education in plant-based science, medicine, conservation, art and history. We provide resources to engage visitors and researchers from the community and around the globe.  Seeking to grow, connect, sustain and impact our community the Lloyd Library and Museum has developed a Strategic Plan.

Considered one of Cincinnati’s hidden treasures, the Lloyd Library and Museum was established by three brothers, John Uri, Nelson Ashley, and Curtis Gates Lloyd, pharmacists who manufactured botanical drugs in Cincinnati beginning in the late 19th century. With a focus on medicinal plants, botany, and pharmacy, the Library also features complementary subjects including chemistry, natural history, voyages and travels, agriculture, and horticulture. Our collections span rare books, manuscripts, photographs, medicinal products, original art, and artifacts dating from 1493 to the present.

The Lloyd Library and Museum showcases its resources and history through The George Rieveschl, Jr. History of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Exhibit, featuring the Lloyd Cold Still, a Lloyd brothers’ invention used in the research and production of plant based medicine, and changing exhibits highlighting Lloyd collections and research themes.

The Lloyd serves as an inspiration to scientists, historians, artists, gardeners, members of the natural health movement, and the public at large.

The Lloyd Library and Museum is a privately funded not-for-profit institution, open to the public and free of charge.