Past Fellows

Abby Artemisia, Elizabeth Brockschlager Papers and the Edge of Appalachia

Terri Chiao & Adam Frezza, Day Dreaming at the Lloyd

Rachel Craft , Unearthing the Roots of Modern American Medicinal Plant Use

Matthew Crawford, How Drugs Became Modern: A Survey of Botanical and Chemical Medicaments in Pharmacopoeias, 1600-1900.

Katherine Fiorelli, Medicine and the Great War: A Time of Radical Change?

Joanathan Frey & Ann Kell, Posters for Plant Blindness

Ken Henson, Emerald Tablet and Etidorhpa: The Definitive Edition

Susan Leopold, The History and Conservation of Parasitic Medicinal Plants

Alyncia Mason, Historical Ethnobotany of Samoa: Notes and Observations of Curtis Gates Lloyd

Melissa Morris, Cultivating Colonies: Tobacco and the Upstart Empires

Yvonne Gaspar Morriss, Never Has an Apple Looked So Old:  Orchard Science and Landscape Aesthetics in the work of Thomas Andrew and Richard Payne Knight

Alison Rae Smith, Wunderkammer

Amber Stucke, Rhizome State

Sasha White, Disjunct