Current Trends and Emerging Challenges in Horticulture


From 6:30 p.m. until 8:00 pm

Unpredictable climate conditions are challenging the way we garden. This three-part series will increase what you need to know about plants, soil, water, and resource conservation in order to surmount the challenges a changing climate presents. The Lloyd Library in collaboration with the Civic Garden Center and Cincinnati Nature Center are hosting a series of classes through University of Cincinnati's Communiversity.

Hosted by Greg Torres, this class will examine the environmental issues facing intensively cultured plants directly used by man for food, for medicinal purposes, or for aesthetic gratification both within and outside of the horticulture industry. It will talk about some basic principles for the future of horticulture so that it can truly play a beneficial and sustainable role in our homes and local environment. It will look at practical changes in our own decision making and how we perform horticulture at home that will help drive market forces to become more environmentally conscious and sustainable as well.

Registration required, $35 per class/$90 for the series.