Cannabis Symposium: Issues from the Past to the Present



From 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

Registration required. $15 admission for non-members; $5 for Friends of the Lloyd Library with discount code.

Cannabis Symposium Program Schedule

11 a.m. Cannabis and Its Ethnobotanical and Medicinal Use through the Centuries with
Professor Theresa Culley. Marijuana has been used for centuries by indigenous
peoples in the New World as a critical component of their religious, cultural, and
medicinal practices. In this presentation, we will learn about these
ethnobotanical uses of marijuana, its importance to these societies, and how the
reputation of marijuana has changed through the centuries.

12 p.m. Lunch on your own.

1 p.m. Ohio’s Testing Labs and Cannabis Degree Program. Dr. Jonathan Cachat will
discuss Ohio's Medical Marijuana Control Program, the production supply chain
and mandated public safety testing investigating cannabis products for molds,
fungus, pesticides, heavy metals and other potentially harmful contaminants. In
addition, he will discuss Hocking College's cannabis lab technician two-year
Associate Degree -the nation's first accredited degree program targeting the
cannabis industry.

2:30 p.m. Exhibition Tours with the Curators. Join Don E Wirtschafter, The Cannabis
Museum’s Executive Director, and Lloyd Library Librarian, Erin Campbell, for a
discussion of books and objects on display in Through the Rx Bottle, and the
story they tell.

3 p.m. Women, Cannabis and Medicine Prior to Prohibition with Elizabeth Crow.
Historically, women have used cannabis to address obstetrical and gynecological
issues, especially related to pain management. Discover the applications and
challenges faced by women who turned to this natural treatment. Elizabeth
Crow draws on artifacts, historic publications, medical literature, and writings
from Queen Victoria’s personal physician and Louisa May Alcott in her
exploration of medicinal cannabis and women.

About the Speakers

Theresa Culley, Ph.D., is a Professor and Head of the Biological Sciences
department at the University of Cincinnati. She is a plant biologist who
specializes in plant ecology, pollination, and population genetics. She has been
teaching an undergraduate course on Medical Botany for over 14 years and is
always intrigued by the fascinating world of plants.
Jonathan Cachat, Ph.D., is the former Director of Laboratory Sciences at Hocking College
where he oversees the Hocking College Analytical Testing Lab and Hocking
College’s new Laboratory Sciences academic program. Dr. Cachat obtained his
Ph.D. in neuroscience, focusing on psychopharmacology at Tulane University.
The Hocking College facility is the first accredited degree program specifically
for a cannabis curriculum.
Elizabeth Crow is the Project Director of The Cannabis Museum in Athens, Ohio.
Prior to joining the museum, Ms. Crow worked as a Registered Nurse. In her
current position, she is responsible for preserving artifacts and researching their
origins. She integrates many years of experience in natural medicine with the
materials that she documents and interprets from The Cannabis Museum’s
extensive medical collection.