When you’re unable to visit the library, you can still read our recommended books from the Lloyd collection. The books listed below are available as ebooks from many public libraries. Check with your local library to learn how to sign up and read ebooks.  For readers  in Ohio and  the Greater Cincinnati area, the accompanying links will take you directly to books on The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County’s website.

The Girl Who Drew Butterflies
by Joyce Sidman

The Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County is allowing access to a select collection of our books from the Lloyd’s collection, available for free on Overdrive and Freading from the public library’s e-Branch.  In addition, check out further resources available online at the public library, that include facts to better understand COVID-19, community resources available, tips on self-care, how to help others, how to talk with children about the virus, and recreational and literacy-building resources such as virtual storytimes for children.