For sale: to benefit Lexington, Kentucky's Mary E. Wharton Nature Sanctuary at Floracliff and the Lloyd Library and Museum

Antique Natural History Prints...

from the estate of Mary Wharton, author of Wildflowers and Ferns of Kentucky, Trees and Shrubs of Kentucky, and Bluegrass Land and Life

What's available?

10 framed prints from Mark Catesby's Natural History of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands... (1731-43, 1st edition) and one from Christoph Jacob Trew and Georg Ehret's Plantae Selectae (1750-73)

They will only be available at the Lloyd for a limited time. Shipping is $25.00 - pick-up preferred but not required.

Catesby volume 1 title page Catesby Dedication page

Title Page, Volume 1 (3rd edition - 1771)- $200.00

Dedication to the Queen

Catesby Catbird Catesby Gallinula

Catbird Musicapa and Alnifolia - $1700.00 (with text plate)

Gallinula and Gentian - $1,550.00

Trew's Podophyllum peltatum Catesby's Purple Finch and Tupelo

Trew's Podophyllum - $850.00

Purple Finch and Tupelo Tree - $1,600.00

Catesby's Razor-billed blackbird and Ladyslipper Catesby's Steuartia-Regulus

Razor-billed Blackbird - $1,550.00
(with text plate)

Steuartia - (with text plate)

Catesby's Tyrant and Sassafras Catesby's red-legged thrush

Tyrant bird and Sassafras - $1,750.00
(with text plate)

Red-legged Thrush - $2,000.00
(with text plate)

Catesby's Small Bittern

Small Bittern - (with text plate)